ELAT currently has documentation projects underway on several languages final2

  • Anaraki, a language of Central Iran
  • Bukhori, a Southwest Iranian language spoken by Bukharian Jews
  • Bukusu, a Bantu language of Kenya
  • Gaelic, a Celtic language of Scotland
  • Harari, a language of the Harar region in eastern Ethiopia
  • Guangfeng, a variety of Wu from China
  • Romani, languages of the Romani diaspora
  • Sri Lanka Malay, a Malay-based creole of Sri Lanka
  • South Efate and Nakanamanga, Oceanic languages of Efate Island in Vanuatu
  • Urhobo, a language of southern Nigeria
  • Languages of Italy
    • Agrigentino, a variety of Sicilian
    • Calabrese
      • Cosentino, a northern variety of Calabrese
      • Santonofrese, a southern variety of Calabrese
    • Cellese, a variety of Francoprovençal
    • Cepranese, a variety of Ciociaro
    • Fossacesiana, a variety of Abruzzese
    • Friulian, a Romance language of Northeast Italy
    • Genoese, a variety of Ligurian
    • Limosanese, a variety of Molisano
    • Morconese, a variety of Campano
    • Offidano, a variety of Marchigiano
    • Pretarolo, a variety of Abruzzese
    • Senese, a variety of Tuscan
    • Solerino, a variety of Piedmontese

ELAT had the opportunity to record the last fluent speaker of Livonian, a language of Latvia. We have also done recordings of Ge’ez, the liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Suggestions for new project possibilities are always welcome! Please contact us.

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